Website - Design and Management

Building a website has become so easy that even a shcool student can build one. Many online web building applications
with readymade templates and wizard interfaces have made web building easier.

But will it suffice the web presence your business needs ?
Not at all!

A website is not just a page to display your content on the web. If a website could not show up on search engines for keywords your potential clients search for, Its only as good as a printed brochure. A website should be optimized for keywords, built with search engine friendly technologies and give a pleasant experience to the visitor. These involves so much of expertise in the web building domain.

With our rich experience in web building all these years, we have helped our clients achieve the true intention of web presence. With good knowledge in SEO strategies we build every part of a webpage to be search engine friendly and adopt the latest in technology to provide a functional as well as aesthetic web design.

It is evident that a strong web presence adds to the success of a business. As increasingly more and more trade takes place online, a business without proper web presence is missing out on potential customers beyond geographical boundaries. Incorporating our rich knowledge in SEO into web building many of our clients have benefitted with increased business, wider reach and business possibilities from newer areas of the world.

We thoroughly understand our clients business and meticulously plan on its content, keywords and design that would represent the business to its best. Beyond our business interest with our clients, we forsee and invest the best of our efforts for the success of our clients businesses online.

We are strong in building websites with the following features:

  • CMS enabled websites with Joomla or core CMS
  • LAMP technologies (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • E-commerce websites driven by OS commerce, Magento, X-carts etc.,
  • Payment gateways with Paypal, Google checkout, 2CO etc.,
  • SSL certificate incorporation
  • Custom online applications
  • Designing online forms for data capture and back end application to collate and generate reports as required
  • Content writing for landing page incorporating target keywords
  • Static and dynamic websites
  • Aesthetic and search engine friendly home page and layout design

Apart from designing websites, we also handle website management on an annual basis involving content updation,
product maintenance, addition of new features, troubleshooting online applications etc.,

Being in the web building and SEO domain for quite long, we are well aware of the Do's & Don'ts of search engine bots.
Tell us your requirements and we would propose a one stop solution for all your web needs that would be cost competitive
and proving value for your investment.

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